Barbie & Tammy Size Dolls

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Company Image Number Description Size Price
Advance 2895 Barbie doll clothes pattern includes wedding gown, dresses, nightgown. Photocopy. 11-1/2" $10
Advance 2896 Barbie Around-the-Clock wardrobe featuring pajamas, muumuu, blouse & skirt set, luncheon dress, fun dress, sports set. Photocopy. 11-1/2" $10
Advance 2899 Ken doll clothes pattern. Original uncut pattern. 12-1/2" $20
Advance 3376 Barbie trousseau. Includes wedding gown, negligee, and much more. 1962. Photocopy. 11-1/2" $10
Advance 3377 Barbie wardrobe includes pajamas, muumuu, afternoon dress, fn dress, dress and jacket, party dress. 1962. Photocopy. 11-1/2" $10
Advance 9938 Barbie outfits, including kimono, gown, coat, shorts, etc. Original pattern, cut, envelope shows wear. 11-1/2" $15
Advance 9939 Barbie outfits, including dress, suit, and more. Original pattern, cut, envelope shows wear. A few pieces are photocopies. 11-1/2" $15
Mail Order 4891 Vintage Barbie size dress, petticoat, suit, skirt and jacket, blouse, pedal pushers, and robe. 1964. Photocopy. 11-1/2" $10
Mail Order 9475 Vintage Barbie pattern features four dresses, coat and hat, slacks, petticoat, blouse and shorts. Photocopy. 11-1/2" $10
Burda 3886 Barbie and Ken formal wear. Dresses and tuxedo with vest. Pattern is mint, uncut, in original plastic envelope. 11-1/2"-12-1/2" $15