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Company Image Number Description Size Price
McCall 811 Vintage doll furniture pattern to fit dolls 4 to 7 inches high. Contains bassinet, pillow, dressing table and stool, chair and ottoman, sofa and bed. Photocopy. 4"-7" $10
McCall's 2225 Barbie size organizers and accessories. Includes a tent with windows, doll organizer with pockets, doll carry tote, sleeping bag, doll's tote, cat and dog too. 1999. Original pattern, mint and uncut. 11-1/2" $9
McCall's 2547 Bedroom ensemble, kitten, nightgown and slippers for 18" doll. Original pattern, cut and complete. 18" $10
McCall's 3430 Baby doll wardrobe and carrier, nightgown, dress and panties, pinafore, top, pants, rompers, cape and hood. 1972. Original pattern, cut, complete. 14"-16" $10
McCall's 6987 Tammy dolls wardrobe and bed with pillow and contour coverlet. Includes party dress, panties, coat, dress, jacket and kerchief, bathing suit, nightgown, slipcover, coverlet and pillow. 1963. 12" *
McCall's 7398 Baby doll carrier, diaper bag with changer, bib, booties, diaper cover, hooded towel, rompers, sleeper, and hat. 1994. Original pattern, mint, uncut. 12" - 22" $9
McCall's 785-8140 Barbie doll furniture. Includes both bedroom and living room furniture patterns. 1995. Original pattern, mint and uncut. 11-1/2" $10
McCall's 9119 Pattern for carrying case, accessories, and garment bag. 1997. Original pattern, mint and uncut. 18" $10
McCall's 9392 Accessories for child and doll slumber party. Includes sleeping bag, pillow case, tote bag, robe, belt and slippers, pet bed, doll and dress. 1998. Original pattern, mint and uncut. 18" $10
McCall's 6889 Doll House craft package. Includes doll house and furniture. 1979. 25" *