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Company Image Number Description Size Price
McCall's 1812 Betsy McCall doll patterns. Includes dress, hats, apron, nightgown, petticoat, panties, and crocheting instructions for stole. Photocopy. 1953. 14" $10
McCall's 6901 Barbie size hand-knit and fabric wardrobe with clothing for Ken. Sweaters, knit caps, ballerina outfit, coat, hat, dress, evening gown with shawl, shirt and shorts, beach cover-up, jacket, and dress. 1963. Photocopy. 11-1/2"-12" $15
McCall's 7431 Barbie fabric wardrobe with knitting instructions. Includes coat and hat, skirts, blouse and knitted slim skirt, knitted cardigan and tie-on cap, bag, boots, pants and knitted mohair jacket, knitted v-yoke cardigan and cap, pants and knitted fringed pullover. 1964. Photocopy. 11-1/2" $9
McCall's 7840 Barbie vintage pattern fabric wardrobe with instructions for knitting. Includes matching cap and sweater for Ken, knitted coat and hat, sweater and cap, 2-piece dress, negligee, gown, nightgown, mantilla and comb, panties. 1965. 11-1/2" - 12" *
McCall's 7841 Skipper vintage pattern with instructions for sewing and knitting. Includes bathing suit, skirt and knitted sweater, jacket, slacks and beret, knitted jacket, skirt and beret, knitted hooded cardigan and slacks, dress and blouse, coat, dress and kerchief. 1965. 9" *
McCall's 8125 Tiny Tears pattern, also for Pebbles, Ginnette, Sweet Sue, and more. Includes patterns for both knitting and sewing. Dress and panties, pants, nightgown, diaper, shirt and blanket. 1965. Photocopy. 9", 12", 17" $10
Mail Order P-199 Crocheted Wardrobe for 11-1/2" teen model dolls, like Barbie and Tammy. Copy. Includes coat, hat, evening dress, suit top and skirt. 11-1/2" $5
Mail Order R-227 Crocheted dolls. Includes Mexican lady and man, and pastel man and lady. Dolls are string dolls with crocheted outfits. Copy. 10" $4
Mail Order 5750 Crochet rodeo outfit to fit 10-1/2" dolls. Copy. 10-1/2" $5
Mail Order 5940 Knitted outfit for 11-1/2" teen model dolls like Barbie and Tammy. Includes cape, hat, dress and panties. Copy. 11-1/2" $5