Larger Size Walking Dolls

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Company Image Number Description Size Price
McCall's 1983 Patterns to fit the slim girl dolls such as Sweet Sue, Toni, etc. Includes ballerina costume, jumper dress, dress and panties, pajamas, coat and hat. Photocopy. 1955. 30"-31" $15
McCall's 2157 Baby and toddler patterns to fit Betsy Wetsy and other dolls. Features dress, vest, bonnet, coat, nightgown, robe, and panties. 1969. 8-1/2"-10", 12"-16", 14"-18",17"-20" *
McCall's 2412 Baby, Walking Toddler and Girl Dolls' wardrobe. Clothes fit Tiny Tears, Baby Toodles, Walking Toodles, Sweet Sue, Dy Dee, Betsy Wetsy, and others. 1960. Photocopy. 11"-12", 19"-21", 23"-25" $10 (11"-12") $15 (19"-21") or (23"-25")
Simplicity 1336 Vintage wardrobe for Sweet Sue and other girl dolls. Includes dresses, slip, coat and hat, negligee, top and panties, slip. Photocopy. Four sizes available. 15", 18", 22" & 25" $15 each
Simplicity 1779 Vintage doll's wardrobe for Sweet Sue and Binnie, and similar dolls. Includes dress, skirt, blouse, cape, weskit, petticoat and panties, pajamas, robe, coat and hat. Photocopy. 15", 18", 22", 25", 31" $15 each
Simplicity 1808 Wardrobe for Revlon and Cissy dolls. Includes dresses, overskirt, petticoat, gown, veil, bouquet, robe, nightgown, coat and hat, pajamas, panties and bra. 18", 21", 23" $15 each
Simplicity 3661 Life size doll wardrobe for Patty Play Pal and Barbara Jo. Includes dresses, coat and hat. Photocopy. 32", 36" $20 each
Simplicity 4210 Wardrobe for Kissy doll. Includes dresses, slip and panties, cape and hat, pinafore, hat and panties, nightgown. Original pattern, complete, cut, with some replaced pieces, envelope and instructions. 22-1/2" $12
Simplicity 4509 Includes coat and hat, blouse, skirt, petticoat, skirt and hat, pinafore, pajamas, overalls and top. 14" & 22" - photocopy; 16" - original pattern, cut but complete.. 14", 16", 22" 14"-$10; 16"-$20 (original pattern); 22"-$12
Simplicity 4652 Wardrobe for Chatty Cathy. Includes skirt, pinafore, slip and panties, top, kerchief, pajamas and cap, coat and hood. Original pattern. 20-1/2" $25