Little Girl & Chubby Dolls

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Company Image Number Description Size Price
Advance 2898 Chatty Cathy patterns including coat and hat, dress, pajamas and robe. 1962. 20-1/2" *
Advance 9603 Fashions for Shirley Temple. Includes beruffled dress, petticoat, pants, casual dress, little traveler coat, hat, bag, sports shirt and play pants, dainty bloomer playsuit, skirt, nightie-night pajamas. Same as #8813. Photocopy. 17" $10
Advance 2164 Little girl type patterns for pajamas, underwear, jumper, coat, hat, and dress. 20" *
Advance 2897 Chatty Cathy pattern for pleated skirt and blouse, sports set, dress, and nightgown. 20-1/2" *
Style 2646 Dresses, summer dress, coat and hat, petticoat and bloomers. Many sizes included. 1995. 12" - 22" *
Style 4393 Wedding dress and veil, dresses, pinafore and tunic, cape, trousers, top, and panties. 1973. 16" & 18" *
Anne Adams 4593 Vintage girl doll patterns. Includes dress, raincoat, jumper, skirt, blouse, vest, petticoat, and panties. Very old unprinted pattern. Photocopy. 14" $10
Mail Order 4533 Vintage pattern for an apron, chef hat, coat, dresses, nightgown, slacks, and top. Photocopy. 22" $10
Mail Order 9100 Vintage girl doll clothes including dress, petticoat, pajamas, robe, blouse, coat, and panties. 1961. Photocopy. 20" $10
Mail Order 9370 Vintage girl doll dress, jumper, petticoat, panties, over-blouse, top, slacks, and coat. Photocopy. 16" $10