Small Dolls & Troll Patterns

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Company Image Number Description Size Price
McCall's 805-6351 Treasure Trolls pattern. Includes pattern for Trolls and their clothing. 1992. Original uncut pattern. 11" $12
McCall's 1653 Patterns for Marcie, Lingerie Lou and other little dolls. Includes Flora Dora, hat, panties, parasol, bride dress, panties, muff, veil, and wreath, Little Bo-Peep dress, bonnet, crook and lamb, ice skater and roller skater outfits. 1951. Photocopy. 7-1/2" $7
McCall's 1898 Diminutive Dolls' wardrobe designed for Ginny, Wendy, Muffie, Lingerie Lou and Daily Dolly. Includes blouse, skirt, beret, dress with attached petticoat, coat, hat and bag, nightgown, peignoir, panties. 1954. Photocopy. 7"-8" $7
McCall's 2057 Diminutive Dolls' Wardrobe designed for Ginny, Muffie, Lingerie Lou and other 7"-8" dolls. Includes dresses, apron, petticoat, panties, hat, shortie nightgown, Red Cross Nurse uniform, and a garment bag. 1956. Photocopy. 7"-8" $7
McCall's 2084 Chubby dolls wardrobe fits Alexander-kins, Ginny, Saucy Walker, and more. Includes peignoir, nightgown, dress, panties, coat, hat, muff, dress, and petticoat. 1956. Two different size patterns available. Photocopy. 7"-8", 11"-13" $9 each
McCall's 2150 Diminutive Dolls' Instant Wardrobe designed for Ginny, Alexander-kins, Muffie, Lingerie Lou, Daily Dolly, Gigi and Mary Lou. Includes coat, hat, bag, dresses, vest, peignoir, nightgown and slippers, Pierrette costume, petticoat, panties, bra, and hangers. Photocopy. 9"-10" $10
McCall's 2157 Baby and toddler patterns to fit Betsy Wetsy and other dolls. Features dress, vest, bonnet, coat, nightgown, robe, and panties. 1969. 8-1/2"-10", 12"-16", 14"-18",17"-20" *
McCall's 2239 Slender Diminutive Dolls Instant Wardrobe designed for Betsy McCall, Lingerie Lou and others. Includes pinafore with attached petticoat, pajamas, leotard, petticoat ball gown, chemise. 1958. Photocopy. Two sizes available. 7-1/2"-8" & 10-1/2"-11" $9 each
McCall's 2457 Betsy McCall wardrobe fits other slim girl dolls too. Includes bridal outfit, gown and mitts, pajama and robe, jacket, dress, hat and tights, shorts, panties, top, pantalets. 1961. Photocopy. 8", 30" $9 (8") $15 (30")
McCall's 2970 Mini doll wardrobe designed to fit Dawn, Rock Flowers, and other 5 - 6-1/2" dolls. Includes 70's fashions for dress, top, pants and vest, robe, and cape. 1971. Photocopy. 5-6-1/2" $8